Looking to sell your boat?

We'd love to sell it for you. If you're using your boat less and less, why keep it? Since we have a broad variety of new and used boats, our customers know they can trust us to provide the boat they want, at the right price.

Inland Marine will:

  • Determine fair market value
  • Safety check your boat
  • Perform any necessary repairs
  • Market and advertise online and answer all inquiries
  • Demonstrate your boat to potential buyers
  • Negotiate the price
  • Offer financing
  • Process the required sales process paperwork
Do you any questions regarding consignment of your boat? If so, give us a call at 925-757-1714.

Consignment Form (CLICK HERE)

Consignment tips:

  • You need to own your boat and trailer; a clear title and a separate pink slip is required for both.
  • Do any cleaning or maintenance that you can before consigning your boat; this will save you money on the process.
  • One important factor in a boats value is how many hours you have on the motor. If you don't have a readable gauge, we can often obtain that information by pulling it off the motor by computer.
  • Your sale proceeds are held in a separate escrow account for the period of ten to twenty days. .